Our Montessori Classroom

For our specific age groups, the classroom environment is created to feel like a cozy, enticing home away from home.
Our space is designed with the needs of each child in mind; all things are set up for their success and independence. The activities and work are self-correcting, which allow the child freedom of choice. The activities are rooted in reality; real objects, real nomenclature, and real work. This is what our children strive for; doing things by themselves. The struggle to complete an activity promotes pride, confidence, and independence. We strongly believe in respecting the children, and treating them as contributing members of our school’s family. We know that children are happiest when they are focused and engaged in purposeful activities.

A Montessori classroom is divided into different “areas” which each are focused on a specific type of development. The areas of the environment and classroom are fluid, ever-changing, and, often, overlapping. The toddlers work on concrete learning, instead of learning through concepts or ideas as they are not developmentally ready to understand; concepts not based in reality.  In the primary classroom, they build on these experiences and are introduced to more complex & abstract math, language and social concepts, for which they are developmentally ready.

The areas of an authentic Montessori program are:
• Practical Life
• Language
• Math
• Sensorial
• Nature/Science
• Culture

In addition to the standard Montessori areas, our program offers areas for:
• Music
• Art
• Dance & Movement
• Gardening
• Cooking/Nutrition

Please see the following summaries of some of our classroom areas: