We’re excited to announce that have partnered up with Philadelphia Chinese Academy (PCA) to offer Mandarin Chinese immersion lessons for children on Saturday mornings open to all families in our surrounding community. All classes will be taught in Chinese only and will take place at OHM. PCA staff will be conducting the classes and the lead instructor is a native speaker and PhD. candidate in early childhood linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.

There will be two classes available: one for kids 2 years or younger and one for kids 3-6 years of age. No prior Chinese knowledge is necessary, and classes are designed to be fun and interactive in a small group setting.

We will be piloting the program with a five-class session starting Saturday, January 19th, and ending February 16th. Spaces are limited as enrollment will be capped at 10 students and the pilot program will cost $50 for all 5 classes. The pilot is being offered at introductory pricing and the cost will go up when the full class schedule is opened in late February.

Please see below for more info regarding the classes and how to enroll:

To enroll or get more info: email info@philadelphiachineseacademy.com with your name and your child’s name and date of birth and they will get you processed and signed up!

Two and Under Class
Class Time: 9:30am – 10:15am
Designed for the youngest learners, this class is fun and interactive. Classes will be based on music, sounds, dance, movement and storytelling and will last for forty-five minutes.
Children will attend with a caregiver.

Three to Six Class
Class Time: 10:30 am to 11:30
This class is designed to be fun and dynamic for children three to six years old. Each week, the class will explore Chinese language and culture through art, music and stories. Basic written Chinese will be introduced.
Children can be dropped off, but caregivers are welcomed to stay and participate!

About Philadelphia Chinese Academy
Philadelphia Chinese Academy offers learning through play, music, dance, art and exploration. We firmly believe in effortless and fun bilingual education for young children. Our aim is to enrich children from birth to age six, while they are in their critical period of spoken language development. During this developmental period they naturally strive to learn language in their environment and exposure to sounds and tones in a second language benefits them immensely in brain development and sets the stage for future learning opportunities. Chinese is unique with having four tones for each syllable, with up to four meanings. Many adult learners struggle to master these tones, but young children can easily absorb and learn the intonation. Starting your child early will help “train” their ears in order to build the foundation for future language development and will take advantage of the period in their lives when learning a second language will be easiest and most effective for them.
With our group of highly qualified native Mandarin Chinese educators and a set of specially designed teaching curriculum designed around a small group setting, learning will be fun, dynamic and effective.

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