We just had our annual OHM Art Show & Fundraiser and wanted to give everyone a peak at the amazing art our children created over the past couple of months.   This year’s show was called Art of our Future and included numerous pieces created by our children as well as some great art from local artists.   The goal of the event was twofold:  primarily to raise funds for planned improvements to our courtyard including numerous green and natural elements, but coming in a close second was to create an opportunity for our parents and staff to have a great night and to let loose.  Our objectives succeeded on both counts!

Artistic expression of all types is woven into our curriculum year round, but in the months leading up to the art show, it becomes a larger focus.   It’s a special time of year as the children become so engaged in the process of creating their beautiful pieces of art.  They beam with pride as they see their creations evolve from an idea into finished pieces through weeks and months of focused effort.

We were especially pleased with this year’s pieces created by our toddlers & primary children.   Not only did they look amazing, but each one had an important link to Montessori, our school and our curriculum.   From Pink Flower Tower, inspired by the Montessori Pink Tower and created from dried flowers taken from the weekly flower sorting work of the toddler children, to Keyhole which was created by our primary children employing themes of individuality and community, recreating the iconic keyhole from the original OHM logo, the pieces were so much more than just art to us and we think it shows through them all.

Click Here to see the program from our show which includes pictures and descriptions of all the pieces.

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