This past Saturday we had our first event of the 2017-2018 school year: a parents-only social to unveil our beautiful new space-in-progress and to take the first steps toward building the sense of community that is so important to our program.   The big house has come a long way over the past few months and we were super excited to show off the progress.   We are so appreciative of all our families that put their faith in us and enrolled at the new school sight unseen and based solely on our vision.  We were so glad to finally get to show them the space so that they could get as excited as us about how the school is coming along and the beautiful, historic building in which we’re fortunate enough to be able to build our dream school.   As great as that was, we started to get to know the parents on a personal level and are thrilled to be welcoming so many great families to the OHM community.  We didn’t think we could get more excited about what the new school will bring, but leaving the party on Saturday, after getting to a glimpse of the next stage of our community, it has been taken to another level!

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