The Big House construction is well underway and we wanted to share an update (along with a couple of pics) to let everyone know of the progress.

Nearly all of the major work to be done on the first floor has been completed; the classrooms, halls and bathrooms are finished and only the commercial kitchen and floor refinishing remain.  We are almost done painting, so the space is starting to really take shape and take on some of that OHM vibe we know and love.   One of the design challenges we faced was how to make some of the rooms feel a bit more intimate & cozy considering their 15′ high ceilings and floor to ceiling fixtures.   We consulted with designers and settled on some varied shade painting techniques to “bring the ceilings down”.   It’s amazing what effect a little visual trickery can have on our brains.  This perspective will be enhanced even further once the chandeliers and lighting are installed.   Also, we were hoping to use subtle tonal differences to create “3-D” effects to play with some of the unique angles in the space and are loving the results.  Next up is the install of lighting through the space and the fabrication/installation of our custom cubbies & multi-basin water work station.

In the basement, the framing is up and the freshly poured concrete floor is in the process of being stained & polished.  Once the floor is finished, the walls will go up and we’ll begin painting as well as working on the bathroom in the basement rear which will serve both the indoor and outdoor gross motor areas.

We’ll post again next month with another update to keep everyone in the loop and chart our progress as we construct our “dream school”.  We can’t wait to invite our friends, family, alumni and neighbors to come out and see it…

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